Saturday, March 14, 2009

Haiku 031409

bare trees
casting moon shadows
black and white movie


Recently, we read the following:

Associated Press: "China's premier defends policies on Tibet, ignoring questions about massive security buildup"

"China's premier offered an unqualified defense Friday of his government's policies in Tibet, ignoring questions about a massive security buildup in the Himalayan region…. Thousands of police and paramilitary soldiers have been patrolling and manning checkpoints across Tibet and Tibetan-inhabited regions in western China in recent weeks, ready to head off any repeat of wide-scale anti-government demonstrations.

"Tensions have spiked ahead of two key anniversaries this week: the 50th anniversary of a failed Tibetan uprising that sent the Dalai Lama into exile and Saturday's one-year anniversary of violent anti-Chinese riots in Lhasa that sparked the largest protests in decades….

"Asked whether the massive security presence pointed to failings in Beijing's policies, Wen said: 'The situation in Tibet is on the whole peaceful and stable. The Tibetan people hope to work in peace and stability'…. "


And we thought:

.... The Chinese premier also conveniently ignored questions about documented human rights violations against indigenous Tibetans. Is this the way to handle contradictions with other nationalities? "End the occupation! Free Tibet!"....

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