Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Haiku 031009

driving rain
on sooty ice --
more brown grass


Recently, we read the following:

Minneapolis Star Tribune: "After a week of testimony and evidence, Franken's lawyers satisfied they made their case"

"The long-running Senate election trial is about to reach another milestone. DFLer Al Franken expects to call his final witnesses today, and his lawyers are proclaiming they are confident that they will have proved their case.

" 'We feel good about how our case went, feel good about how we came in leading, and we think we have put into evidence a strong case,' lead lawyer Marc Elias said Tuesday. 'We're not there yet ... but we're ending what has been a very long post-election process.' ...."


And we thought:

.... to which Norm Coleman thumbs his nose, in the guise of picking .... Just kidding ....

Seriously, though, Coleman should be taking his own advice -- the one he gave to Franken the night when he thought he won the election against the DFL senatorial candidate. "Concede and move on," Coleman chided Franken back in November.

But if Coleman is going to be true to his nature, one expects this former-DFLer-turned-Republican to have already laid out plans for this post-election contest to go as far as the U.S. Supreme Court. Minnesota isn't going to have its second Senator for another few months. One gets a strong sense that it's his way of getting back at Minnesotans. The way people see it -- this is how much he disrespects Minnesota. This is how selfish he is. Mr. Coleman should prove his critics wrong....

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