Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Haiku 040709

autumn leaves

the young rabbit nudges
her lifeless mom


Recently, we read the following:

Philippine Daily Inquirer: "New York group hits Davao City vigilante killings"

"An international human rights group has expressed alarm at the reported resurgence of vigilante-style killings by a so-called death squad in Davao City. “What is worrying about the Philippines is that the trend [of killings] is upwards… Over the course of a decade, it is accelerating,” Executive Director Kenneth Roth of the New York-based Human Rights Watch said Monday. Roth also said, ” The Philippine people should understand that it is not in their long term interest to countenance this kind of extrajudicial violence....”


And we thought:

.... In past years, the "favorite" targets of vigilantes were reportedly political activists and journalists. Now, those being killed are supposedly common criminals. One might dismiss the current killings as justified - "they were really bad guys anyway." The issue, however, is the rule of law: Are people willing to take the risk of a complete breakdown? Who decides who's a "proper" target of extra-judicial police actions? Who are they even accountable to?

The sad thing about this is Davao City, in itself, is a beautiful city. It deserves better press. Among Philippine cities, it is one that's truly worthy of a continuous influx of local and international tourists, considering the attractions it offers -- an international airport, fine hotels and restaurants, interesting places to see, a great variety of fresh seafood and local fruits....

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