Sunday, April 5, 2009

Haiku 040409

last goose
canadians' tail end ...
headed north


Recently, we read the following:
Washington Times: "Republicans fume over lost Alaska Senate seat"

"The Senate's top Republican said Wednesday there was "no question" former Alaskan Sen. Ted Stevens would have won re-election last year if the Justice Department had thrown his corruption case out before the vote. 'No question that if this decision had been made last year he'd still be in the Senate,' Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, told a small group of reporters on Capitol Hill.

"Attorney General Eric Holder said the government was dismissing its case because of prosecutorial abuse. Mr. Stevens, a political legend in his state, narrowly lost a bid for a seventh term to Democrat Mark Begich after his initial conviction last fall and had been appealing the verdict...."


And we thought:
…. Note that it was Obama's Justice department that dismissed the federal corruption charges against Stevens – not due to a finding of innocence, but due to prosecutorial abuse. Alaska (R) Sen. Murkowski is disturbed by the “violations of civil liberties”? Guess when the charges were filed and who prosecuted the case? It was during Bush’s term and it was Bush’s Justice department! What -- have Republicans just contracted Sudden Onset Alzheimer's Syndrome -- the hideous, partisan type?!

Which makes one wonder: Was the Bush Justice department’s "prosecutorial abuse” pre-planned -- to give Stevens a way out, on a technicality?.... Well, now it's back to Alaska for him to consolidate political forces, rebuild alliances with the oil and energy companies, and stage a comeback in the next senatorial elections. More pork and another "bridge to nowhere". Bring out your high blood pressure meds!...

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