Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Haiku 051309

from the reedy pond …
wet squirrel


Huffington Post: “Cheney Has 'No Regrets' Over Interrogation Policies, War On Terror

“Former Vice President Dick Cheney said on Sunday, that he had no regrets about the course of actions he and the Bush administration pursued when it came to interrogating suspected terrorists or, more broadly, waging the war on terror….

“The interview was another in a wave of post-White House remarks from the controversial former vice president. On Sunday, Cheney insisted that he was speaking out because ‘the issues are so important.’ President Obama, he added, had ‘moved to take down a lot of those policies we put in place to keep the nation safe for eight years.’…

" ‘Remember what happened here,’ he said. ‘We had captured these people. We had pursued interrogation in a normal way. We decided that we needed some enhanced techniques….’

“Perhaps the most remarkable moment of the interview, however, came when Cheney was asked if President Bush himself had signed off on the interrogation program. His response left the impression that Bush was brought into the loop only as a legal or political formality….”


….Former Vice President Cheney could insist on calling the Obamas’ dog a “cat”. It will still be a dog. He could keep on calling torture “enhanced interrogation techniques” – it will still be torture. We’ve all read Animal Farm.

Cheney shows admirable conviction in saying he has “no regrets” about the actions he took in waging the war on terror. He should then be willing to account for his actions – if charges emerge that he may have violated the laws he was sworn to uphold….