Sunday, May 31, 2009

Haiku 053109

broken branches
and missing blossoms…
a late spring storm


Recently, we read the following:

The Sun: “Britain's Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle was in the Priory clinic last night suffering from exhaustion” by Sara Nathan

“The singer, dubbed SuBo, had an "emotional breakdown" following Saturday's final in which she was runner-up. Boyle-mania has swept the country since the Scot stunned the judges with her performance of 'I Dream A Dream' seven weeks ago….

“The 48-year-old virgin, tipped to earn £8million, survived tears and a tantrum to finish second in Saturday's gripping final of telly's Britain's Got Talent (BGT). But the pressure finally told late yesterday as the Scots singer ... was rushed to the private clinic suffering from exhaustion. Show aides had contacted police to say she was acting strangely at her London hotel….

“Favourite Susan, beaten by dance act Diversity, faced a backlash last week when she was ushered from her previous hotel by worried show bosses after a rant in a bar. She was also spoken to by cops after arguing with her sister.

“Earlier, she had launched into a furious four-letter outburst when told her glittering stage costume had failed to arrive just 15 minutes before she was due to appear on stage…. ‘That was what set her off….They ushered her into a room, but we could still hear her swearing like a trooper….’ ”


And we thought:

….Prima donna behavior? Even before being declared “prima”? Worse, Ms. Boyle actually came in second in the finals...

Will SuBo be able to survive the pressures of being a celebrity? Does she have the strength of character to complement her talent? Well, as Sid Hartman always says, time will tell...

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