Sunday, July 26, 2009

Haiku 072609

she fans the coal
and keeps us cool
summer breeze

Recently, we read the following:

London Times: “Rebiya Kadeer accused of being behind Uighur violence in East Turkestan” by Jane Macartney

"When I first met Rebiya Kadeer in 1998 she was a slim, dignified woman surrounded by fawning Chinese officials eager to hang on the coattails of the most successful Uighur entrepreneur in the country...

"At the height of her success in China her wealth was estimated at 270 million yuan (£24 million) based on her trading firm, a department store, property investments, interests in a leather factory in neighbouring Kazakhstan and a store in Uzbekistan.

"But she somehow fell foul of the authorities — possibly over suspicions involving the activities of her husband, who was living in the US and made no secret of his support for Xinjiang’s independence. She was arrested and stripped of her once prestigious position on one of China’s top advisory bodies…

"She has now been accused of being the mastermind behind the latest violence in her native region, known by independence activists as East Turkestan…. "

And we thought:

... The Beijing overlord -- both fawning patron and heavy-handed mandarin. How should the majority nationality handle contradictions with minority nationalities? ...

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