Sunday, July 12, 2009

Haiku 071209

a lady bug
slips down the sink --
a garbage chute


Recently, we read the following:

Los Angeles Times: “Sarah Palin's exit as Alaska governor stuns, puzzles observers” by Mark Z. Barabak and Robin Abcarian

"Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's abrupt announcement that she was quitting her job unleashed widespread speculation: Some said she was ready to launch a 2012 bid for president. Others suggested she had destroyed her chances with her startling decision.

"Palin, speaking from the backyard of her lakefront home in Wasilla, Alaska, said Friday that she had ruled out seeking a second term and, for the good of the state, would step down at the end of the month and hand the job to her lieutenant.

"In disjointed and cryptic remarks, she intimated that she would stay active in national politics. 'We know we can effect positive change outside government at this point in time on another scale and actually make a difference for our priorities,' she said, flanked by her husband, Todd, and members of their family -- whom she described as exuberant supporters of her resignation....

"Given her rough last few months and less-than-heroic return to Alaska, some suggested Palin's resignation may not be such a bad move.

" 'She needed to shake things up, and this announcement has no shortage of drama,' said Scott Reed, a Republican strategist unaffiliated with any prospects in the 2012 field. 'It allows her to have a brand-new day, a fresh start, and she can shake all those cobwebs from the last campaign and her term as governor and start over....' "


And we thought:
… Maybe she thinks the proceeds from her book deal and the lecture circuit would somehow make things different this time. Maybe they would now bestow on her the status she was aspiring for when she bid for the vice-presidency last year.

Maybe, in some ironic way, she thinks she can now put the brakes on her further slide from popularity and credibility.

This lady may have found a way to escape the mess and stink she has gotten herself in so far -- and even profit from it. She may have the last laugh after all.
In her mind….

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