Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Haiku 082509

the sign says
no boat wakes please
a pair of loons


Recently, we read the following:

Washington Post: "Cheney uncloaks his frustration with Bush" by Barton Gellman

“Former Vice President Dick Cheney believes his old boss, President George W. Bush, gradually turned away from his advice during their second term in the White House, showing a surprising independence as he started taking more flexible positions on a range of issues, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

"Cheney, often described as the most influential vice president in U.S. history, has been discussing his years in office in informal talks with authors, diplomats, policy experts and past colleagues, the Post said, as he works on a memoir due out in 2011 from Simon & Schuster's Threshold Editions…

" ‘When the president made decisions that I didn't agree with, I still supported him and didn't go out and undercut him,’ Cheney said, according to Stephen Hayes, his authorized biographer. ‘Now we're talking about after we've left office. I have strong feelings about what happened... And I don't have any reason not to forthrightly express those views.’

"According to the author of the Post piece, Barton Gellman, who earlier wrote a book on Cheney called ‘Angler,’ the former vice president believes Bush made concessions to public sentiment, something Cheney views as moral weakness. After years of praising Bush as a man of resolve, Cheney now intimates that the former president turned out to be more like an ordinary politician in the end, Gellman says…”


And we thought:

…Is Cheney getting back at Bush due to the latter’s refusal to pardon Scooter Libby?

Or is Cheney subtly trying a bit of historical revisionism? Is he trying to portray himself as the de facto man of the house during the first part of the Bush-Cheney reign? Is he trying to exonerate Bush for the bumblings of their first term? Is he trying to portray Bush as being a better President during their second term, one who has become his own man?

But -- why is it that when Cheney says one thing, you actually believe the opposite? Makes you want to take an aspirin.

No doubt the real story will be told. Bush and Cheney will be judged soon enough. Facts are stubborn things and time has a way of surfacing them. The masses of the American people will know at some point for sure what happened during the eight years of the Bush-Cheney household.
For now, the majority of the American people appear to just want Cheney to go away. Bush has already accepted his place in the current scheme of things...

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