Sunday, December 27, 2009

on our host's desk 
a qur'an and bible 
christmas truce 


Duna said...

El escritorio
repleto de deseos
para Año Nuevo

Un placer hacer haykus contigo.

Te deseo un feliz Año Nuevo en el que compartamos muchas letras.

Un beso amigo

Felicitas said...

A lovely idea!

Anonymous said...

Have them both, side by side, in my bookshelve. Studying theology for a couple of years now, it was of much joy to see how many thoughts and ideas these two books have in common.
In relation to todays events, a powerful thought. Bravo.

Devika Jyothi said...

Great sets, Carlos :)


illustration poetry said...

hello, forgot to ask, how long have you been writing haiku?

Carlos Gesmundo said...

Hi Devika -- Thoughtful tanka in your blog "Abstract Deductions". I liked First Crocus especially with its words of hope.

Hope everything's well. Hope you don't take too long a break from blogging.


Devika Jyothi said...

Life seems all about hope...I hope I am fine and hope to get back! :)

kidding Carlos -- i was about to post the lookout for a good picture :)


Carlos Gesmundo said...

Thank you, Robert.

Are you studying Theology on your own or are you taking formal courses? I have read about the common roots of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in Abraham. Inspite of today's perceived differences, I continue to imagine peace.

Best regards for the new year.

Carlos Gesmundo said...

Felicitas, thanks for your visits.

Best wishes for the new year.

Carlos Gesmundo said...

Duna, mi amiga buena. Muchas gracias por sus visitas.

It is my pleasure to receive your haiku gifts.