Monday, December 6, 2010

migrating geese

the sound of  hallway chatter
between classes

The Shiki Monthly Kukai, November 2010


eyeography said...

Very beautiful and powerful as well... :)

Amity said...

i would liken the geese to students who hop from room to room and are having chatters while they troop the hallway....:(

Anonymous said...

Perfect! They do seem to be visiting as they pass, don't they?

Carlos Gesmundo said...

Thank you, Sumit.

Carlos Gesmundo said...

It was uncanny how the geese sounded like a crowd of people busy talking.

Thanks, Amity.

Carlos Gesmundo said...

I've seen them that way, too, Sandy!



Henrique Pimenta said...

Imagem e som.
Vejo e escuto.